APMS Engineering provide innovative solutions for your tank project in the Construction, Resources, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries.

We replace tank floors via pneumatic vessel lifting techniques, hydraulic jacking techniques, and also without lifting. Our capabilities also regularly include providing clients with a technical consultant, project manager and a technical trade team to complete tank inspections, maintenance and repair, major and minor alternations of industrial tanks.

Technical Consultation

Our technical consultants clear a tank of defects after full inspection in accordance with industry standards (API 650 & API 653).

We also provide professional advice to you regarding tank remediation if there has been a floor or sidewall breach, oxidisation or corrosion damage, buckling, dangerous settlement or out of level, and if you need to move a tank.

A written tank maintenance and repair option study is also available on request.

Project Management

Your Project Manager will manage your industrial tank service program to budget without sacrificing safety or schedule. We’ll organise resources and equipment and manage the risks for your tank project. During your project several phase gates will be assessed to ensure quality and integrity is maintained.

We provide daily updates on a construction or modification schedule using the latest project scheduling software, and if critical, additional updates can be organised. Any ongoing improvements will be suggested during the project to you. At completion the tank is again inspected and surveyed, and then certification is provided.

For your industrial tank project 2D and 3D AutoCAD drafting services are also available.

Technical Trade Team

Our technical trade team can repair any parent material tank including all grades of alloy / stainless and carbon steel. Tradesmen are all highly qualified industry experts with their own diverse experience. No industrial tank situation will be completely foreign to us.

The trade team includes welders, boilermakers & sentries. They are all pre-evaluated tradesman with high levels of professionalism.

Contact us on (08) 9434 7170 to discuss how we can assist with your tank maintenance and repair requirements.