BHP Billiton


Kwinana Nickel Refinery (KNR)


Hydrogen Reformer Repairs


Maintenance Shutdowns & Outages, Process Pipe Fabrication & Installation, Pressure Pipework, Specialised Welding and Fabrication

Scope of Work

Repair pigtails with radial cracking around main Hyrdogen Reformer while the process plant was online.

Project Resourcing

The project work was carried out onsite by the APMS Group shutdown management and execution team

Project Achievements

  • No recordable incidents or injuries = zero harm
  • APMS Group completed unplanned scope of work
  • Qualification of welding procedures and personnel pre-outage
  • Original scope of work completed on time and also additional works carried out within timeframe


  • Working in near proximity of an explosive environment 24/7
  • Working in confined space management
  • Specialised coded welding
  • Traceability and quality management

Fully rewelded pigtails on Hyrdrogen Reformer

White iron casting with modified reducing spool