BHP Billiton


Kwinana Nickel Refinery (KNR) – Major Outage


Repair of 4C-50 Brine Crystalliser


Maintenance Shutdowns & Outages, Pressure Vessel Fabrication, Pressure Vessel Inspection, Specialised Welding & Fabrication

Scope of Work

Internal repair of Brine Cystalliser vessel with an unknown damage scope in 12 day major shutdown window. Installation of shell wall doubler compensation plates and repair of internal pitting corrosion on stainless steel vessel. Material of construction 904L. All welding semi auto GTAW

Project Resourcing

The project work was carried out onsite by a APMS Group shutdown management and execution team, on day and night shift

Project Achievements

  • No recordable incidents or injuries = zero harm
  • Original scope of work completed on time and under budget which allowed for emergent works to be completed inside the vessel in the allocated time frame for the outage
  • APMSGroup completed scope of work, method statement, project schedule and budget outage for client approval
  • Qualification of welding procedures and personnel pre-outage
  • Hours worked 2,505
  • Project schedule delivery 25.11.2012 – 16.30pm
  • Project actual delivery 25.11.2012 – 16.30pm (emergent works commenced after this date for further internal repairs)
  • Project Value / Budget $416K
  • Project Actual Cost $375K (Provisional)


Repair internal pitted corrosion and install 904L vessel shell doubler plates to brine crystalliser vessel which included:

  • Working in confined space management
  • Specialised coded welding (semi auto GTAW)
  • Advanced rigging of doubler plates into position
  • Traceability and quality management