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SAF 2507 – Pressure Vessel Repair / Nozzle Replacement


Pressure Vessels, Specialised Welding & Fabrication


Up to $250k

Scope of Work

Repair pressure vessel / replace nozzles found to have material defects after being placed into service for approx. 18 months

Project Resourcing

  • Workshop personnel included Coded Welders and Boilermakers. The support team included Project Management, Quality Management,
  • Project Engineering and Project Supervisor.

Project Achievements

Due to the nature of the repair and the material being SAF2507, there was a requirement for full weld procedure and welder qualification specific to the project including G48a and ferrite testing. All procedures were qualified and approved by European and Australian clients prior to the project commencing

Additional project qualify requirements were

  • Weld parameter recording and heat input controls
  • Inter-run NDT
  • European Welding Engineer present during repair
  • 100% NDT and ferrite testing
  • Hydrotest
  • Passivation
  • Full Class 1 MDR
  • Approx. 350 man-hours completed in the workshop with zero recordable incidents or accidents
  • Project delivered on time and on budget
  • Zero failure rate on all welding
  • Complete conformance to AS1210-2010 Class 1
  • APMSGroup worked closely with the client nominated International Welding engineer to ensure all project quality requirements where exceeded for the duration of the project
  • Point of difference…


  • Project and quality management
  • Extensive interaction with our client to ensure quality of finished product was in line with practical requirements
  • Workshop fabrication
  • Specialised coded welding and boiler making on SAF2507 material
  • Coordination of multiple subcontractors including, machining, non-destructive testing (NDT), hydro testing and, packaging and delivery
  • Liaise with the client to ensure Manufacturers Data Report (MDR) contained the information required for future reference including as built information and drawing updates